Carthage Gap Children's Rules


For the safety and well being of everyone, we ask that the children obey these rules.

I . Children MUST NOT play in the Shower House and please DO NOT go in with muddy feet.

2. Children under 8 years of age MUST be accompanied by an adult for taking showers. Please dry off inside the shower stalls to prevent the rugs from getting so wet.

3. Children MUST NOT play "CHASE" or "HIDE and SEEK" between or around campers or bathhouse. You could trip on an electric cord and unplug some ones camper. DO NOT cut across other people's yards to get to the lake or playground. Please walk on the road.

4. Children walking their pets MUST be prepared to clean up after them.

5. No riding bikes after dark. Watch out for moving vehicles and people walking.  Do Not ride too fast and stay on the roads. No ramping off the bathhouse porch or any steep embankments.

6. Please Do Not leave candy wrappers, ice cream cups/spoons/straws, pop cans, etc. on the ground or at the playgrounds. Place them in the garbage cans. Also, Please help us keep our lake banks FREE of litter by placing yours in the garbage cans.

7. Children MUST NOT play in the woods because of unseen dangers, such as Poison Ivy, covered over stump holes, falling dead limbs, snakes, Yellow Jacket holes, etc.
No climbing in the trees in the campground.


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