Carthage Gap RV Park
Seasonal Regulations

We hope that these regulations are not asking too much, but they are important to us and are needed so there won't be any misunderstandings.

1. A seasonal site is rented at a discount rate because it is not to be used on a full time basis. The time allowed for a seasonal is every weekend, 2 weeks vacation time, and 3 long holiday weekends which amounts to about 75 days. These 75 days can be used on weekends or week days, whichever fits your schedule best. This time does not include coming out during the day to go swimming, fishing, to go walking or to get your camp site ready for the weekend. If you spend more than 75 days, you need to discuss it with the manager and there will be an adjustment made to your fee. You can not live in here on a seasonal fee.

2. Seasonal fees will be due between April 15 and May 1. You may start making early payments anytime starting in January of that year in order to get that fee paid by May 1. If you choose to be a seasonal camper at the beginning of the season, you need to be committed to that choice for the whole season. If you decide to quit camping in the middle of the season, for any reason, there will be NO REFUND and your fee is NON TRANSFERABLE. If you come in after the beginning of the season, your rent will be due then or within a reasonable length of time. This seasonal fee does not cover anyone that you may let use your camper when you are not with them. They must pay the regular camping fee. All the regulations will apply.

3. If you have guest come out to visit, it is your responsibility to see that they obey all the campground rules such as no profanity, controlled drinking, and quiet hours, (11 P.M..- 8 A.M.) while they are on the premises. This includes while fishing and swimming. Daytime guest must leave the premises by 11:30 P.M. It is also your responsibility to take care of your adult guest's fee for fishing and swimming, which is $2.00 per person for swimming and $5.00 per person for fishing.

4. It is your responsibility to see that your camp site is neatly trimmed and everything put away in a neat fashion. We ask that you do not bring things out for your yard that you can't put on your patio when you leave because this interferes with the mowing and takes away from the appearance of your campsite.

5. We are asking that you do not put in any more flower beds around your patio. If you would like to have flowers, we suggest that you use containers. This is what happens. You put flower beds in along your patio, you may not come back out for a long period of time and the flower bed grows up in grass and weeds. This is unsightly and the next person on that site may not want a flower bed. Guess who gets to take the flower bed out??? If you rent a site that already has perennials there, it is your place to trim them back at the appropriate time. We are asking that you do no digging or probing in your yard for any reason without asking the manager first because of underground construction.

Again, We hope that these regulations are not asking too much, but they are important to us and are needed so there won't be any misunderstandings.

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